Fisholution is a simple 2D game, whole point is eat small fishes and run away from big fishes.
There are two modes, fisholution mode and natural selection mode.

  • Fisholution Mode: 

Don't be eaten and try to complete all fisholution stages. After every successfull fisholution your fish will evolve.

  • Natural Selection Mode: 

Choose a fish between 13 different fishes and stay alive, eat other fishes and try to reach score limit first to win natural selection. Every fishes are enemy each other on this mode. Also there are other dangerous sea creatures, so stay away from them.  

Good Luck !!!


You can play both of mouse and keyboard.

  • Mouse: Click in the direction you want the fish to move.
  • Keyboard: Use the arrow keys to move the fish.


  • Some of musics and sounds made with Bosca Ceoil by me and some of them made by different artists from FreeSound.
  • All of textures made with Piskel App.
  • Water shader created and coded by Gonkee. If you're interested in making your own game, check out his Youtube Channel.

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its a good game to kill 10 minutes :D